Logistics Optimization & Management

Logistics Optimization & Management

ONNAN provides efficient, economic, and on time transportation services to difficult locations around the globe. We utilize innovative resources and technology to produce the appropriate solutions allowing us to be proactive, avoid delays, and achieve the utmost in constructor and end-customer satisfaction.

Our Logistics Simulation group also executes material delivery strategies for proposals and projects. Using discrete event simulation technology, we have the ability to simulate storage, loading, transportation, and delivery systems to balance the capacity for materials movements against risk, unforeseen events, and the overall project schedule requirements for materials delivery and usage.
Our clients turn to us for logistics management in the refinery industry, crude and refinery product blending, LNG storage and shipping, batch processes and our own internal work processes.

At a gas-to-liquids facility in the Middle East, we have demonstrated our capability to develop specific strategies for incident free work environments including more than a million work hours by our freight forwarder wit out a lost time incident and two million kilometres driven by our transporters without a lost time incident.

Our track record includes the execution of a logistics plan in the tundra where severe weather restrictions impede river, rail and truck traffic. The combination of ONNAN’s expertise in logistics, materials management, simulation analysis, and project execution in challenging environments allows us to uniquely quantify risks and analyze schedule and cash flow performance.

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